WE ARE GETTING CLOSE!!! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒ

This season will be a lot different to any athletics we have experienced before.

As many of you will be aware, in the past we have had lots of trouble finding enough parents/guardians to help run our weekly meet. Under the current circumstances, the amount of helpers required to run this season will increase dramatically. But, we want to get our athletes out on the track so we need your help to make this happen!

– This season, only attendees essential to the running of competition are allowed at meets.

– The presence of parents/guardians is required for the safe conduct of sanctioned Little Athletics activities. Hence, all parents/guardians will be required to assist in some capacity. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by this, it is not the Olympics. If there are any questions/queries at the time, please ask a committee member for assistance.

– Please note: No spectators are allowed by law.

Athlete age groups will be a maximum of ten. This does not include parent helpers or event officials. So, if the under 13 boys group has 14 athletes, they will be split into two groups.
As per last season, we will be using the Signup website for parents to roster themselves on for duties. We will share the Signup link once registrations are open. There will be more slots for each age group to allow for spiking, raking, recording and cleaning.
We will also require parent helpers for our Under Six On Track program, which will run up until Christmas. 
If we don’t have all slots filled prior to a meet, we will need to put people’s names on the roster.
The canteen will NOT be running at meets until further notice.
We are working towards a November season commencement date. We will let everyone know via Facebook and email as soon as we have a date and registrations open.

Stay safe everyone!!!